Mary Snyder

November 2016

What made you decide to make a change?  

Before I became a part of the Warehouse family, I had back and knee issues. I was in constant pain; my knees ached and I was taking many pain relievers each day to help ease it. My weight was up and down. I tried to be conscious of what I ate, but it never was my complete focus. After I had my second daughter (I had a 20 month and a newborn), I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. I was put on a medication which had a side effect of weight gain and in a matter of months I gained 10 pounds. I was chasing after 2 young children and I always put myself last on the list -always taking care of others first. ​ 

What has changed (race times, blood work, attitude, etc)? 

I FOUND NICKIE!!! Before the Warehouse opened, Nickie would come to Shannon Park Elementary and conduct Bootcamp classes with the staff. Nickie was (and still is) amazing. I finally had a focus on myself, my health, strength and nutrition. My husband Tom was very supportive. He would pick up the kids from daycare so I could stay at school and workout. I started Shakeology and have been using it ever since. After a while I was able to get off the medication that had the side effect of weight gain. The weight was starting to come off and I was feeling great!

 What did life look like before you focused consistently on nutrition and fitness?

I now make time for myself each day. Working out at the Warehouse is MY time. I can focus on me, and my health. My back is much stronger, and thanks to the cushion floors I have very few knee issues. My attitude toward exercise has changed. It is no longer something I dread, it is something I look forward to thanks to the Warehouse and all of the great classes. I just show up and do what they tell me to do. I feel stronger, both mentally and physically. My daughters see my workouts as their Mom trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

In this month of Thanksgiving, I am forever thankful for Nickie (and Marc) for taking the leap in creating such a wonderful place. I am also thankful for the AWESOME trainers and the new friends I have made. Blessings to you all!