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Nickie Carrigan is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Egoscue Posture Alignment Specialist, Certified Kickboxing Instructor, NASM Stretch and Flexibility Coach, and ISSA Nutritionist. With almost 2 decades in the fitness industry, she not only has a passion for helping people build a well rounded active lifestyle, she also helps clients stay pain free, mobile, and simply move freely on all planes of movement.  Nickie invests in on-going training, carries  a diversse range specialty certificates, and has earned continuing education credits in a variety of areas including: Barre Connect, TRX Suspension Training, Kettle Bells, Yoga, Les Mills, Aqua Fitness, Nutrition, and Active Older Adults. Nickie has helped clients from ages 6-93 lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Marc Carrigan understands what it feels like to be “The Underdog”. As a former NCAA Volleyball Player, Marc played the middle-blocker position (a position typically reserved for the tallest player on the court). At only 6’0 tall, Marc’s unrelenting spirit and desire to be his absolute best not only drove him to be a standout on the court, but it has attributed to his success in business and in life. Today, Marc continues to spread his positive energy and infectious spirit to every NC Fitness Member that works with him. As a Certified instructor, busy Dad, husband, and business professional, he works every day to propel another “Underdog” to greatness.

Paul Theisen is a NETA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and prides himself on his YES I CAN attitude. He teaches Combat HIIT, Core, Cardio Strength Boot camp, and P90X classes. Paul leads with his passion and energy to help motivate others and truly enjoys teaching classes at The Warehouse. Outside of teaching he enjoys biking and swimming and is involved in coaching and watching his kids sports. Paul also is a Sales Account Executive with a Biotech company based in South San Francisco. Feel free to reach out to him with any questions you might have about these workouts or how he can help you attain your goals! 

Karla Keller  is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and excited about teaching at The Warehouse. Karla teaches many formats including P90X, Cardio Strength and Tank Top Arms. She is also an excellent leader for Youth Fitness classes. Outside of teaching Karla is a busy mom to 4 kids and lives in Rosemount with her husband Paul. She enjoys leading a healthy and active lifestyle with her friends and family!!

Amy Hoey is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NETA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, specializing in foam rolling classes. As a 10-time marathon runner, she learned to incorporate foam rolling and stretching to improve mobility, increase flexibility, and recover from intense workouts. Amy is passionate about helping others discover a well-rounded approach to fitness so they can stay active for a lifetime. Amy is a wife and mom, Team Beachbody Coach, activewear stylist, and UX specialist for local government.

Bonnie has been in the fitness industry for 12 years. She is a certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine and is also a certified Pound Pro Instructor. She has taught many different formats of group fitness ranging from Kickboxing to Soul Grooves. Her passion is to help others find their “fun in fitness” and to bring enthusiasm and excitement into every class. She is motivated by the success of others. WHY? BECAUSE IT FUN!

Lori Rogers I’ve been teaching OULA Fitness formats for 5 years. I teach our OULA Dance format and our OULA Power strength and conditioning classes. OULA IS A HIGH-ENERGY, EASY TO LEARN, CALORIE BURNING, CRAZY-FUN DANCE WORKOUT TO TOP 40 HITS. CLASSES ARE ONE EPIC HOUR OF SWEAT, JOY, AND TOTAL INSPIRATION! OULA IS DANCEMANIA FOR THE SOUL.

Every person, every human wants & has a deep desire to feel & be connected. It is in connection we are seen, heard, felt, loved. The place of connection is where trust is built and freedom is allowed. It is here in the individual that creativity, confidence & growth expand. OULA is connection, with self & others. OULA is community.

Because our focus is on “how you feel” rather than “how you look,” our participants experience the freedom of a non-judgement (of self and of others) environment and community, rather than competition. Our approach to fitness is incredibly refreshing and healthy in the traditionally image-obsessed industry. Our participants experience transformation from the inside out, and embrace our philosophy that when you feel good, you look amazing

Ann Rognerud  lives in Rosemount with her husband and 2 daughters. She has been active all of her life. She is a former diver and gymnast, and continues to be active mountain biking, water skiing, downhill skiing and scuba diving. Ann previously worked as a flight instructor, she is currently an RN and now excited to add Pound Pro to her list. She was introduced to Pound when she became a member of the Warehouse in 2018. It was at the Warehouse that she discovered the powerful positivity group fitness can provide. She became a Pound Pro in 2020 with the intention to share the love of life with other noisemakers through music and movement. To enhance her skills, she completed Pound Level Up training in July 2021.

Melissa Grannis has always been active her entire life. Dance and fitness are the activities she enjoys the most. After owning a successful dance studio for 25 years she decided sell, to spend more time with family, and spend more time practicing yoga and yoga sculpt. Melissa holds an RYT 200 hour certification in Yoga and Yoga Sculpt. Yoga has brought a lot of balance to her physical and mental life and she wants to share that with others. She is really excited to share her yoga teaching journey at The Warehouse.

Jessica Theisen is a NETA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. As the General Manger, she assists Nickie with the “behind the scenes” work of The Warehouse. Jess enjoys training for races, volunteering in youth programs and cheering on her busy kids! She and her husband, Paul, share a passion for living a fit and active lifestyle along with their two children. You will see Jess at a lot of the classes at The Warehouse and she can help with any questions about the WH and your experience here.

Jina Digaetano  is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She carries many specialty certificates as well, including Turbokick and PiYo. With over 10 years in the fitness industry, she is sure to help lead YOU to your success. greatness.

Sandy Aronson boy mom to three: (7, 5, and 1), educator, health enthusiast, and fitness instructor. I am originally from North Carolina, and moved to the Midwest after college. I cheered competitively my whole life, and always wanted to teach aerobics. When I moved to MN in 2012, I started teaching at the Ridgedale YMCA-Bootcamp and Tabata. After having my first son in 2014, I moved to Eagan and started teaching at the Eagan YMCA. I taught Core, BodyFlow, Oula, OulaOne, OulaPower, and water fitness. During the day I am an instructional coach for District 196; helping teachers incorporate technology. I have been teaching OULA outdoors since the pandemic began. I’m excited to find a new fitness home, and bring my passion and love for fitness and dance, to The Warehouse.