Dawn Messner

December 2016

What made you decide to make a change?  

My health and fitness journey has often resembled a swinging pendulum. On one end, I restricted my eating and my exercise was excessive. Although I was thrilled with the results, maintaining that lifestyle over time was nearly impossible and it usually led me to injury or illness. On the opposite end, I became increasingly sedentary and allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted. I let all the stressors of life nearly paralyze me. 

What has changed (race times, blood work, attitude, etc)? 

The desire to make a change came from wanting to be more comfortable in my own skin and not to feel sick after each meal. I was an athlete growing up and no longer felt like one. I wanted to recognize myself in the mirror and in photos again. In fact, finding a before picture was pretty difficult, as I’ve cropped or deleted most that I didn’t like! I wanted the change badly but not at the expense of having no time or energy to also live life. I needed to find a way to achieve a happy medium.

 What did life look like before you focused consistently on nutrition and fitness?

My outlook on health and fitness has really changed. I no longer feel that it needs to be all or nothing but give myself permission to strive for an 80/20 lifestyle. In addition, if I fail miserably one day or even one entire week, I no longer throw in the towel. Instead, I dust myself off and do better the next day. Every day is still a balancing act in order to fit in all of life’s moving parts. Thanks to Nickie Carrigan and the Warehouse, however, I’ve found my formula for a happy medium for the last 2+ years. In 45 minutes, I can get a fun, challenging, and effective workout. I have incorporated Shakeology into my routine and have a better understanding of how to eat for nutrition. I eventually invited my boyfriend to join me on my health and fitness journey and he lost over 20lbs! Last March, he proposed… at the Warehouse!! We are now married and are enjoying a healthier lifestyle together. While I’m not at my personal goal weight, I DO feel strong and I DO feel fit! For that, I am thankful!