Dec. 2020

1. What did life look like before you focused consistently on nutrition and fitness?
In mid 2013 I tore my rotator cuff. Through physical therapy, I eventually got back to almost normal, but I always had shoulder pain. In mid 2020 the pain returned, and I thought that it was my old injury. I continued working out as hard and often as I could, with a lot of modifications. It continued to get worse, and no amount of PT, cortisone, or drugs would help. I found out it was an extremely bulged disc that was almost completely pinching off the nerve. Only surgery would help. I stopped working out in October.
2. What made you decide to make a change?

I had the surgery in early Dec 2019. When I came out of the anesthesia, I felt better than I had in years. Literally 100%. I know this isn’t the usual reaction, but I was that lucky 1% where everything worked just right. My problem was completely fixed, and I felt like I could return to work that day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to do anything, not even walk, for a month, then light walking for a month, then slowly get back to normal life. This was extremely hard, because remember, I now feel 100% but I’m basically bedridden for 2 months to recover. I wasn’t allowed to start working out again until March.

3. What has changed (attitude, energy, weight, habits, priorities, race times, blood work, confidence,

Today, I am stronger and can do more than I have been able to do in 10 years. I credit the warehouse with most of it. Knowing that I had shoulder pain, the instructors always offered alternate exercises when needed. This allowed me to continue to strengthen my back, without making the pain worse. When the time came to heal, I already had a huge head start. The surgery worked, and my fitness level certainly helped. Had I been working out on my own, I definitely wouldn’t have done the right exercises that would have put me in the position I was in. Nickie and the rest of the team without a doubt were responsible for me healing as fast as I did, by working with my specific needs. Today, I am back to several classes a week, plus the things I do on my own – basketball, running, etc. I can’t say enough good things about The Warehouse.

Share the following below:
1. What is your favorite Warehouse workout song?
2. What is your favorite workout class?
3. What is your favorite quote?
1. Anything classic rock
2. I like the bootcamps and strength express until I am too sore, then Combat HIIT in the middle of the week is a great way to change it up and give some muscles a break
3. I love when Nickie says “Let’s invite xxx to the party”. We’ve started saying that at home all the time.