December 2023


1. What did life look like before The Warehouse? What past experiences shaped your views on health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness?

Before The Warehouse, I lacked energy, sleep, & awareness of what a healthy lifestyle really was. I also don’t think I knew how much my mental & emotional health were suffering either & how connected they are to my physical health until they all synced together. I also had never had any coaches or instructors in the past that I had truly connected with that had helped or cared about me so I was never really motivated to show up or be accountable—the gym wasn’t a community; it was just a monthly fee or in some ways a status thing to say you belonged to this club or that club. But I was never feeling or looking any healthier or learning anything about wellness.

As of December, I have completed 200 workouts.
The biggest thing Nickie & The Warehouse has taught me is how to be healthy & not just skinny.

I think for so long skinny was my goal, but once I learned what healthy was—what it looked like & more importantly what it felt like—physically, mentally & emotionally—that is way better than just skinny. I am so grateful to know the difference & continue to learn how to be healthy.

Also, I don’t have a full length mirror in my house. For years, I have avoided looking at myself. I was traveling for work a couple of weeks ago & had a full length mirror in my hotel room & took this photo. I am also not one for selfies, but while I was getting ready, I took a minute to feel proud of the changes in myself. It was very emotional. I really cannot thank you enough for helping me take my life back. I was in a very lonely place a few years ago. The Warehouse has been a part of a life changing journey for me & I will be forever grateful.

2. What has your experience been like since being part of The Warehouse? What have you learned? What has helped you grow or evolve?

The Warehouse is everything every other gym wasn’t and that is what makes it perfect! It was like being welcomed into a family & everyone wanted to help you accomplish your goals & be your best self. So weird, right?! 😉 All of my anxiety, intimidation, frustration, anger & feelings of defeat started to go away as I was welcomed in, encouraged & truly coached—not just how to be thin, but how to be health & strong—physically, mentally & emotionally. I can’t even tell you what an amazing feeling it is when all of that comes together! It’s an amazing place to be. And now I can’t wait to get out of bed at 4:55 am every day & join my AM crew on Zoom!! Even from across the metro, I feel completely connected to this group.

3. What has changed for you (attitude, energy, habits, priorities, race times, blood work, confidence, etc.)?

Everything has changed! I feel the best I have ever felt—energy, habits, food choices, confidence, happiness. I also want to be a healthy example for my daughter.


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Give me all the 80’s & early 90’s — I love it when my workout feels like I am back in my college bars!


That’s hard because I love them all, but boxing fusion probably tops the list.


Smile & your body thinks you like it!