February 2024


1. What did life look like before The Warehouse? What past experiences shaped your views on health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness?

Since the age of 2 I have been skating and playing every sport possible. I was that kid outside until it was dark out. By high school I was a 3 sport athlete and playing 2 at the same time most of the year. I continued on my athletic journey and played college hockey. Once I graduated, I continued to workout just not to that extreme level I had been used to. I have always had a more athletic and muscular body but a few years out of college I was not myself. I had gained about 40 pounds, which for this 4’11” body was A LOT. I was in constant pain all over, bloated beyond belief that never went away, headaches/ migraines daily, extreme anxiety, worst GI issues ever and about 20 other symptoms. I tried various diets and workouts and nothing seemed to work. Every doctor I would see said the same thing, “You need to only consume 1200 calories and workout”. I would keep telling them I burn about 900 calories a day working out and if I only consumed that much I would end up in the hospital. No one ever had an answer other than eat better and workout more. After a while I just accepted that was going to be my new body.

2. What has your experience been like since being part of The Warehouse? What have you learned? What has helped you grow or evolve?

I joined my mom at The Warehouse when I would come home from college and then eventually when I moved back to Rosemount in 2019 and became a full-time member. I have always loved fitness and The Warehouse had so many familiar faces and such a welcoming presence it just made sense. Every workout is different which is exactly what your body needs and why I love it so much. No matter how my body felt or looked it didn’t matter because I felt supported and could enjoy working out. In 2022 I decided to get certified in OULA so I could become a Power instructor. Power had everything I loved about working out and getting strong without straining my body. I LOVE teaching Power and Express and bringing a bodyweight class to this amazing community. Being a member of The Warehouse encouraged me to keep going in my fitness and health journey and to find a doctor who would listen.

3. What has changed for you (attitude, energy, habits, priorities, race times, blood work, confidence, etc.)?

Now for all the good news! This past June the pain and discomfort was getting really bad and I knew I needed to do something about it. I found a Functional and Chinese medicine doctor and a Western medicine doctor and in combination they have changed my life. I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance, my results showed by body had 4x the amount of insulin it was supposed to. My body should have had a number less than 25 and mine was 108. Along with that they confirmed I had PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) AND pelvic floor dysfunction. Good news with medication, physical therapy and supplements I finally have those under control. After a lot of additional blood tests, we discovered I am extremely dairy intolerant and my gut had been taking a massive hit for the last 10+ years from bad bacteria and I had actually lost most of the lining in my gut. I completely cut dairy out and within 3 weeks I had lost 10 pounds of pure inflammation! As of today, I am down 18 pounds which is great, but the best part is how AMAZING I feel. I don’t hurt, I don’t have pressure, bloating, or inflammation all over. I can eat without running to the bathroom within 5 minutes. My body finally processes food and nutrients. Herbs and supplements have been amazing as they do not cause any side effects or concerns like certain medication could.

On a very personal note, unknowingly at the time I was unable to have children due to all these issues, my body had not produced any eggs in my entire life. Since healing 90% of my issues my body is working as it should and I am able to get pregnant if I choose. My doctors have said it is incredible and truly amazing to have completely reversed my reproductive system.

I turn 30 this February and my advice, if you feel something is wrong do not take no for an answer and find yourself someone who will listen. You know your body best! My life has literally changed 100% for the better since June 2023. I still have a long journey ahead, but I am finally on the right path.


4. What is your favorite Warehouse workout song?

Too many to pick just one!

5. What is your favorite workout class?

Power, Bootcamp, OULA, Pound, Yoga Sculpt, Boxing Fusion… no way I can pick just one. That is one of the best parts of The Warehouse is the various styles of working out!

6. What is your favorite quote?

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” – William Shakespeare