From “YoYo” to Trainer

Life before Nickie Carrigan Fitness and Beachbody was very up and down. I was called the “YoYo”. I would diet and exercise to lose weight from time to time, only to put it all back on during holidays, vacations, or long business trips. I used these changes in my schedule, as an excuse or a lapse in my commitment to my health and nutrition; “YoYo”! 

It was time to make a change! I was sick of the fluctuation in weight, health, and more importantly, the fluctuation in my pants sizes!! Then I met Nickie Carrigan. She introduced me to Shakeology and her Boot Camp classes!!! I was immediately surprised that by simply incorporating Shakeology for breakfast, how much better my day would go. I had more energy, and was excited to get home from work to hit Nickie’s Boot Camp class for one of her kick butt workouts! 

The results were pretty exciting! My blood pressure went from pre-hypertensive to now 108/60. My race times for the TC 10 miler went from 7:45 minute miles to under 7:00 min. miles! The positive energy I have going into each and every day, has the people who use to call me “The YoYo”;  now asking me for advice on how to get these same results!! 

As a Husband, a father, and now a fitness Trainer, I enjoy life to the fullest! You can make this change in your life by just making a few commitments to your diet and your exercise. Stop by the Warehouse, or feel free to call me to get started!! 651-983-4646! 



Turning 40 and feeling on top of my health and fitness!  Last week was a milestone for me, not only did I turn 40, but it also marks one year of consistent weight and fitness!  I have shared my old success story before, however this has a new twist. 

My success is motivated by all of YOU!!  The Warehouse Members and Challenge group participants!  Your determination to come in each morning and start your day with me and let me be part of your life has been inspiring and fulfilling to me on so many levels.  I never could have anticipated the amount of pride I feel being part of this amazing group of people! For that, I THANK YOU! I value our dialogue at these workouts and want to help you through your journey.

A brief recap of my journey.  I was an athlete in high school and college and was always into fitness.  My nutrition was not in the forefront of my mind because I was determined that I could work off any bad nutrition habits I had.  My competitive nature factored into my fitness because I did not enjoy the day-to-day routine of workouts.  I needed a goal to strive for…. a marathon, a triathlon, and a 100-mile bike ride.   Once I committed to it, I was 100% IN!  However, after my goal was attained…. I drifted.  Unless I had that goal out there, I didn’t stay consistent with my fitness or nutrition. I often set a new goal to jump-start me onto a focused path.  You have heard this before…. I was referred to as the “Yo-Yo”.

However, one of my goals helped change my focus.  My latest goal was a “Biggest Loser” competition at work.  We had a national meeting in January where the results would be reveled.    I won and I was pumped!  I was down to my goal weight thanks to Insanity, Shakeology and staying consistent to my fitness and nutrition.  A few months passed and Nickie Carrigan knew I had used Insanity in my weight loss journey. She thought I would be a great instructor and asked me to get Insanity Certified. This was game changing for me.

When I teach, I show up ready and willing to help you with your goals and it re-focuses me on my new “Why”.   I believe in HIIT training because it takes you out of your comfort zone…including myself…and ultimately you see results, as I have seen in all of you.  Thank you for letting me be part of your journey….let’s see what we can do together in the future!

Sincerely, Paul Theisen