Dana L.



I was always an active person in my younger years but had always struggled with my weight.  I enjoyed all sports including hockey, basketball, softball and volleyball. I was always stuck on the number on the scale and never felt like I was fit enough.  My weight was up and down in my early 20s and I never had anything that motivated me to be the healthy and fit person I always wanted to be. I was then diagnosed with Skin cancer at the young age of 23 and found myself in a sort of depression, the diagnosis really got to me.  Luckily I only had to have 2 surgeries and no chemo and the cancer was gone.   I felt like this had changed me, I was so unmotivated and I just wanted to lie around and eat and drink with my friends.  I put on at least 20 pounds over the next several months and was not a happy person.  I then found out I was pregnant in 2007 with my beautiful daughter Morgan.  I put on over 50 pounds while pregnant because  I loved food and didn’t see all of the damage it was doing to my body (besides the constant increase in pant size).   Life was just moving by and I was living in it.  Once I delivered a healthy and happy baby I knew that I needed to start making changes in my life and get out of the slump I was in.
Finally I decided I wanted to make a change and a friend asked me to go running with her, I literally started laughing out loud, me a runner?  No way!  But I did it and I felt great, I started watching my intake of food and running 5K’s.  I saw a huge change in my body and new this is what I wanted for my life.  However about a year after all the running, I started having knee problems.  I have had arthritis in my knees since my early 20s and it was starting to bother me a lot.  I gave up on running and joined Lifetime Fitness.  I had a lot of fun at lifetime taking different classes but I didn’t see a lot of change in my body.  My weight went up on and down about 10 pounds every few months because I was doing the same thing when I went to the gym.  I wasn’t focused and didn’t have the motivation I needed to move forward in my journey.

It was then when my great friend Misty Scholler had asked me to come and check out the Warehouse with her. She had made some great strides in her health and fitness journey and I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.  I went and was immediately hooked due to all of the great trainers, classes and positive motivation that everyone had.  I started with the drop 10 with a friend challenge, I didn’t drop 10 but I did lose some weight and shed a few inches.  I found myself pushing myself to limits I never knew that I had and seeing the transformation of my body from fat to muscle was amazing. Then I was introduced to Shakeology and the 21 day fix and that jumpstarted my fitness journey even more.  I have started my day with a shake ever since.  I cancelled my Lifetime membership and decided to dedicate myself to the Warehouse as I knew this place would allow me to be the person I have always wanted to be. I made the change because I wanted to be healthy for myself and my family.  I was sick of “being on a diet”, I just want to be a healthy and happy person. 

In less than 8 months at the Warehouse I have lost 25 pounds, over 8% body fat and shed many inches off my entire body.  Since my Journey started over last 5 years I have lost almost 90 pounds (this is hard for me to even believe that I had so much weight I needed to lose).  I am wearing the same size clothes that I used to wear back in high school and I feel amazing!  My attitude has changed, I want to find the positive in everything and focus on the good. I have signed up to be a beachbody coach and have decided that I am going to put me first. I have included my family in this new life journey and my daughter occasionally joins me at the Warehouse for a class.

I cannot wait to see where this amazing Journey continues to take me, the possibilities are endless!