May 2017

Being a full time teacher with 3 kids is no joke! Kelly was fit and active but needed to dial in her nutrition to get the results she wanted. 14lbs later she’s rocking her workout and feeling better than ever!

What made you decide to make a change? 

I have always been pretty active but usually stuck to cardio or walking in the summer. I realized as I got older, I needed something else and did better in a group setting. I did yoga sculpt for almost a year before joining the Warehouse for other class options.   

What has changed (race times, blood work, attitude, etc)? 

​I realized that it all came down to food. I could be pretty good during the week but would go backwards on weekends or over summer break. I now continuously use Shakeology for breakfast. From gagging the first time, I now crave the cafe latte flavor.  I also aim for more vegetables in my diet and my daughters are fighting me for them

What did life look like before you focused consistently on nutrition and fitness?

I really like the 80/20 rule. I try not to beat myself up over not living some days and splurging on my favorite Mexican meal or getting a good latte. I need to let that same attitude go over into activity. I schedule it in daily and beat myself up if it doesn’t work out. My body needs rest days, even if it means just walking that day.
After doing the 3 day cancer walk, I realized my body didn’t let me down and I underestimated the value of walking too as a workout.

My body has changed from being able to lift more, I have lost almost 14 pounds, and have never been this toned! My husband is even joining in on the Beachbody DVDs to get more energy. I am hoping to start truly coaching people some day but I have more people intrigued now after seeing my change!