May 2021

1. What did life look like before you focused consistently on nutrition and fitness?

I always liked participating in sports, but really discovered my love of fitness in junior high – with the help of Jane Fonda workouts on VHS.

In my late 20s I found my love of running. One day I accidentally started. I was walking at Lake Nokomis, it got dark and felt creepy, so I ran back to my car. I vividly remember how good I felt.

My husband discovered his love of running too. A couple of 5Ks turned to 10Ks, 10-milers, half-marathons and 26.2s. We traveled to many races and planned our lives around training. I discovered my love of the foam roller after a mighty painful Vegas marathon, and have been rolling ever since.

I got back into running after having my daughter, but I let my cross-training and recovery workouts slide. Injuries began popping up and burnout hit.

In 2018, I ran my 10th marathon. It was the first race that required some outside help. I thought I had a knee issue 8 weeks into training, but I really had glute and other weaknesses, which led to lots of pain elsewhere. My physical therapists were amazing and helped me believe in my body’s ability to heal when I’m willing to put in the work. I finished strong and pain-free. It was a wakeup call that reminded me of the importance of a well-rounded fitness approach.

2. What made you decide to make a change?
After that marathon, I needed a major change, but didn’t know what would give me the same rush as running. Nickie invited to me try an online workout program focused on core and glute strength. I switched gears and dove in. I rediscovered my love of lifting, and focused on eating to nourish my body, and to support and recover from workouts.
3. What has  changed (attitude, energy, weights, habits, priorities, race times, blood work, confidence, etc?
My fitness goals are tied to how I want to FEEL – now and in the future. They’re also linked to the activities I love and want to keep doing as long as I am able. I consistently see good numbers at the doctor, which is important to me because of health issues my parents have faced.

I’m more willing to try different forms of fitness. I like changing things up, and know that taking a break from running or other activities is actually a good thing for me. When I come back to running, I love it even more.

Running early to beat the heat helped me become a morning person. I’ve created a great morning routine that grounds me – I meditate, journal, read, and workout before the family wakes up.

Fitness gives me courage in my day job, and it gave me the confidence to start my own business, and to finally teach group fitness (something I’d thought about for 20 years!). Our daughter sees how we prioritize our health, and we know we’re demonstrating healthy behaviors she’ll carry into her life.

Share the following below:

1. What is your favorite Warehouse workout song?
2. What is your favorite workout class?
3. What is your favorite quote?

1. Tough to narrow it down! I love when Paul plays Metallica, and Nickie throws in old school rap.
2 I love starting and ending the work week with Boxing Fusion + Foam Rolling. Everyone brings such great energy!
3 Be here now.